Things you should know about the Breed

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a wonderful breed with a rich and sometimes romantic history.  Its beautiful white coat and lovely eyes combined with its elegance and size make it a joy to look at.  But what are they really like to live with?  How healthy are they?  And how do I look after that beautiful white coat so that it stays beautiful?
In personality and temperament the Pyrenean is not a breed that suits everyone.  Owners may need to adjust their lives and make some compromises if they want to make a Pyrenean a part of it.  For some this may be easy to do, for others it may not suit at all and could turn into disaster for both the dog and the owner.  It is important, therefore, that prospective owners consider both the pros and cons before introducing a Pyrenean into their lives.  You can go to our breed information page to read about some of the things you will need to consider when deciding if the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is the right breed for you. Also learn about barking which can be a major issue with this breed.
While the Pyrenean is a relatively healthy breed, there are a number of health issues that they can be subject to.  To learn about some of the issues owners and breeders of Pyreneans should be aware of, visit our health page.

Every Pyrenean deserves the best of care.  That lovely coat needs regular attention to help it stay that way and grooming is also important for your dogs health as a matted coat can be painful for the dog and lead to skin problems if left unattended.  Want to know more about how to groom your Pyrenean?  Visit our grooming page for a step by step approach to getting your Pyrenean's coat in order.

If you want to learn even more about the breed I have a book list of selected books to get you started.  You will also find some great sites and videos on my links page.

Do you want more information? Email us and we will do our best to answer your questions.