Puppies on the way!

Today (7 March 2017) Nena went to the vet for an ultrasound to confirm whether she was pregnant.  A month ago she was inseminated using frozen semen from a dog that was born in Belgium, but lives in the USA (His name is Kathare des Sentiers du Roi ). I am happy to say that yes, Nena is having puppies!  Gestation for a dog is around 63 days from the day of ovulation, so the puppies are expected around the first week of April.

Below is a picture of the ultrasound.  You can see two puppies in the picture.  They are the dark round blobs at the top of the picture. 

This is our 'B' litter, so I will be posting more photos and information on a 'B-litter' page, similar to the one for our 'A-Litter' in the coming weeks and months.  More information is also on our 'Puppies' page.