Health Testing - Hearts

On 06 July 18, Nena (CH Espinay Albine (AI) and our Saluki Sookie (CH Alshira la Sylphide (AI) JC) attended a heart clinic in Canberra with a veterinary cardiac specialist where they underwent an Echocardiogram.  We are pleased to say both girls are now certified as having no echocardiographic evidence of cardiac disease.

Hugo also attended the clinic on 07 July 18.  As he is still young, he only had a preliminary check via Auscultation (he will undergo an Echocardiogram when he is older).  He was also cleared with no auscultory evidence of cardiac disease.

Our dogs generally undergo heart testing every couple of years throughout their lifetime.  This helps us monitor for any changes, particularly as Pyreneans can be subject to later onset heart conditions such as Dilated Cardiomyopathy.  You can read more about some of the heart conditions in the breed on our Health page.