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Puppies! Welcome to the world little ones 

Last night we welcomed our C-Litter to the world.  Louise needed a caesarian section to deliver all 4 puppies as one very large (755 gram) puppy was causing a traffic jam. Louise has recovered well and puppies are doing well too. 

We welcome 1 female and 3 males from Louise (Ch Despreaux la Chanteuse) and Kathare (Kathare des Sentiers du Roi (Belgium).

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We are expecting puppies! 

Louise (Ch Despreaux la Chanteuse) has had an ultrasound confirming she is pregnant.  Sire of the litter via frozen semen is Kathare Des Sentiers du Roi (Belgium)  Kathare was also the sire of our B-litter. Puppies are due at the end of August.


Health Testing - Hearts 

On 06 July 18, Nena (CH Espinay Albine (AI) and our Saluki Sookie (CH Alshira la Sylphide (AI) JC) attended a heart clinic in Canberra with a veterinary cardiac specialist where they underwent an Echocardiogram.  We are pleased to say both girls are now certified as having no echocardiographic evidence of cardiac disease.

Hugo also attended the clinic on 07 July 18.  As he is still young, he only had a preliminary check via Auscultation (he will undergo an Echocardiogram when he is older).  He was also cleared with no auscultory evidence of cardiac disease.

Our dogs generally undergo heart testing every couple of years throughout their lifetime.  This helps us monitor for any changes, particularly as Pyreneans can be subject to later onset heart conditions such as Dilated Cardiomyopathy.  You can read more about some of the heart conditions in the breed on our Health page.



Therapy Dog Albie 

A big thank you to Albie's owner Mary-Anne for sending these great photos of Albie (Espinay Arvie) at work as a Therapy Dog.  We knew as a puppy that Albie was destined to spread joy and smiles and we thank Mary-Anne and his family for helping him to show his full potential.


Happy 5th Birthday A-Litter! 

8 May 2018.  Happy 5th Birthday to the A-litter 'puppies' BJ, Azure, Albie, Red, Elouise and Nena.  I am so proud of all of them and their achievements.  I am most proud, however, of the joy they all bring to their fantastic homes.  It has been a pleasure to watch them blossom into adult dogs and I look forward to sharing many more years with them and their owners.  A few recent 'happy snaps' here of each of them, but be sure to also go to our A-litter page where you can visit each of their individual pages for a lot more information and photos.



Happy First Birthday B-Litter! 

6 April 2018 - A very Happy 1st Birthday to the puppies in the B-Litter.  So very proud of all the puppies (Belle, Albus, Pocket, Georgie and Hugo) who are all so happy and well loved.  As a breeder I could not ask for better homes.  I am sure they will all be getting special treats today.  I know Hugo is!  You can read about the B-Litter by clicking on their page in the header above. From there you can read about the puppies from their conception until they went to their new homes, and visit each of their pages to see up to date photos of them with their families (you can also click on each of the photos below to visit their pages).  

Pocket  Albus   Belle  Georgie   Hugo


Puppies are here! 

I am pleased to announce the safe arrival of Nena's litter on 6 April 2017.  3 girls and 2 boys.  Mum and pups are all doing well. You can read more about Nena's litter on our B-Litter page

Puppies on the way! 

Today (7 March 2017) Nena went to the vet for an ultrasound to confirm whether she was pregnant.  A month ago she was inseminated using frozen semen from a dog that was born in Belgium, but lives in the USA (His name is Kathare des Sentiers du Roi ). I am happy to say that yes, Nena is having puppies!  Gestation for a dog is around 63 days from the day of ovulation, so the puppies are expected around the first week of April.

Below is a picture of the ultrasound.  You can see two puppies in the picture.  They are the dark round blobs at the top of the picture. 

This is our 'B' litter, so I will be posting more photos and information on a 'B-litter' page, similar to the one for our 'A-Litter' in the coming weeks and months.  More information is also on our 'Puppies' page.