Health Testing News - Hips, Elbows and Patellas

8 June 2016.  Azure (Ch Espinay Azun) has now had his hip and elbow x-rays and scoring completed.  I am pleased to say his results have come back as 1:3 for hips and 0:0 for elbows.  His hip score is roughly equivalent to an OFA Excellent or FCI grade A1.  His elbow score means they are normal with no sign of any abnormalities. 

Azure has also had his veterinary examination and scoring done for his patellas (knees) in accordance with the OFA patella scoring scheme.  He has been given a score of Normal. 

For more information on hip, elbow and patella scoring and conditions, visit our Health Issues page, which can be found by clicking the link or under 'About the Breed' in the top bar.