Sookie's first Puppy Run

Now owning a Saluki means an introduction to a number of new activities which I don't participate in with the Pyreneans.  One of those is lure coursing. Lure coursing is a sport developed primarily for sighthounds which tests their natural instinct to 'course'. Saluki for instance were bred to chase (course) and catch game such as gazelle and hare in the deserts of the Middle East. In lure coursing the dogs chase a plastic bag around a long course which zig zags in a manner a hare or rabbit would run.

Lure coursing is a sport that interests me a lot as it is all about natural instinct.  You can not train a dog to course, just like you can not train a Pyrenean to be a good livestock guardian.  It is something that they need to be bred to do. Incidentally, lure coursing is not a sport I would ever do with a Pyrenean as it involves the instinct of 'prey drive'. In this respect Saluki and Pyreneans must be at the opposite ends of the chart.  Saluki must have a high prey drive to hunt.  A Pyrenean on the other hand must have a low prey drive to bond and live with sheep, goats, chickens and other livestock.  Note that while the Pyreneans are around the chickens here, Sookie will NEVER be allowed with them as her natural instinct is to catch and kill them.

On Sunday 3 April 16, Sookie had her first lure coursing 'puppy run' to test her instinct and get her interested in chasing the lure.  Sookie did very well and is showing a lot of promise.  She will have a few more short puppy runs this year and will start to do longer courses as she matures. I am looking forward to having lots of fun with her on the lure coursing field. For more information on lure coursing you can visit the NSW Lure Coursing Association Inc. Facebook Page