Welcome to a new family member

Welcome to the new member of our family, Sookie the Saluki!  Sookie has joined us from Al-Shira Salukis owned by my good friend Anita Langford. The little 'back sheep' of the family is settling in well, getting to know the Pyrs and learning about the cats and poultry.  As a sighthound, Sookie will not be trusted around the poultry and will be taught to respect the cats (who know not to run around the dogs and are good at teaching pups to behave).  Unlike Pyrs, Saluki's have a high prey drive and love to hunt and chase anything that moves. Sookie has been bred for this ability to 'course' so not only has a future in the show ring, but on the lure coursing field as well (where she will be chasing white plastic bags, NOT a live animal).  I am looking forward to fun and adventures with Sookie.