Eric Salas Handling and Grooming Workshop

On 8 and 9 August 2016 we had fun attending a show handling and grooming workshop with Eric Salas, a former professional handler, now trainer and inventor of the Panagenics line of dog grooming products.  Such a fun and intense two days with so much to take in and learn. 

The first day was dedicated to handling with theory work in the morning and practical with our dogs in the afternoon.  Some wonderful information and techniques and it was great to see the change in handlers and dogs even in that short time.  I have certainly come home with lots to practice!!

The second day was grooming with lots to learn on topics such as hair structure and building a healthy coat from inside and out as well as grooming for best effect based on your dogs structure. I have been using the Panagenics products for a while now and truly love the quality of the dogs coats as a result.  We had fun in the afternoon washing and blow drying our dogs and then getting help from Eric with techniques to take our grooming to the next level. My grooming partners for the day were Sookie and Nena with Sally also bringing Azure. Some photos below from the grooming workshop showing Azure and Sookie which I have included with permission from Eric.

You can check out Eric and the Panagenics products at  .  He has some great handling and grooming videos available and I can highly recommend attending if you ever get a chance to go to one of his workshops.