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Show and Lure Coursing News - New titles for Sookie 

On 16 July 17, Sookie gained her final points for her Champion title, winning Bitch Challenge and Runner Up to Best of Breed at the Bungendore and Palerang District All Breeds Championship Show.  Once approved by Dogs NSW, Sookie will have titles at both ends of her name, having also gained her final pass for her Junior Courser title a few weeks before. Go Sookie!

Saluki show and Sookie's first Lure Coursing Trial 

14 April 2017. While I was at home with puppies, Sookie went on a trip to Sydney with her co-owner/breeder Anita Langford of Alshira Saluki's to attend the Saluki Club Inc (NSW) Specialty Show and Lure Coursing Trial.  In the morning Sookie competed in the show, winning Junior in Show under judge Karin Hedberg (Sweden).  She is pictured here (on the right of the picture) with her litter brother Auster who was best opposite.

In the afternoon, Sookie competed in the Saluki Club Inc (NSW) Lure Coursing trial.  This was Sookie's first official trial.  Sookie ran well achieving her first Junior Courser pass.

Fun at Sydney Lure Coursing Workshop 

On Saturday 23 July 2016, Sookie and I attended a lure coursing workshop in Sydney run by the NSW Lure Coursing Association.  Instructing us for the day were Jeff and Kathy Lipps from the United States.  Kathy and Jeff are the breeders of Sookie's sire 'Vulcan' as well as many more coursing and show champions under the 'Windrush' prefix. Jeff is also a lure coursing judge and President of the American Sighthound Field Association.  It was great to get the benefit of their vast knowledge and experience.  It was also fun to catch up with some of the other puppies from the litter.  Five pups were in attendance on the day and all did very well, showing of their keen natural instincts. Some photos here of Sookie taken on the day.

On the Sunday we stayed around to help at the Lure Coursing Trial (Sookie is too young to compete yet) and the NSW Lure Coursing Association Annual General Meeting, at which I became a committee member of the Association.

Off to the USA! 

Today (18 April 16) I head off on holiday to the United States to visit friends and attend the Great Pyrenees Club of America National Specialty Show. 

Guaranteed to be a lot of fun, the show this year is being held once again in Matamoras, PA at the Best Western Inn at Hunts Landing.  You can see an account of my previous visit when the show was last held in Matamoras in 2012 here.  Also a bit about my last visit to the US for the show in 2014 here.  I promise another report on my latest visit when I return.

For those sending me emails, note that I may not reply until after I return on 13 May 16.

In other news, Sookie had her second lure coursing puppy run yesterday at the NSW Lure Coursing Association Training Day held at Marchmont Park in Yass.  She was very keen and ran really well.  She is showing a lot of promise as a lure courser.


Sookie's first Puppy Run 

Now owning a Saluki means an introduction to a number of new activities which I don't participate in with the Pyreneans.  One of those is lure coursing. Lure coursing is a sport developed primarily for sighthounds which tests their natural instinct to 'course'. Saluki for instance were bred to chase (course) and catch game such as gazelle and hare in the deserts of the Middle East. In lure coursing the dogs chase a plastic bag around a long course which zig zags in a manner a hare or rabbit would run.

Lure coursing is a sport that interests me a lot as it is all about natural instinct.  You can not train a dog to course, just like you can not train a Pyrenean to be a good livestock guardian.  It is something that they need to be bred to do. Incidentally, lure coursing is not a sport I would ever do with a Pyrenean as it involves the instinct of 'prey drive'. In this respect Saluki and Pyreneans must be at the opposite ends of the chart.  Saluki must have a high prey drive to hunt.  A Pyrenean on the other hand must have a low prey drive to bond and live with sheep, goats, chickens and other livestock.  Note that while the Pyreneans are around the chickens here, Sookie will NEVER be allowed with them as her natural instinct is to catch and kill them.

On Sunday 3 April 16, Sookie had her first lure coursing 'puppy run' to test her instinct and get her interested in chasing the lure.  Sookie did very well and is showing a lot of promise.  She will have a few more short puppy runs this year and will start to do longer courses as she matures. I am looking forward to having lots of fun with her on the lure coursing field. For more information on lure coursing you can visit the NSW Lure Coursing Association Inc. Facebook Page